Tweeting “Long live farewells and everything they teach us!” on Sunday, Felipe Anderson caught the attention of the Italian media.

In their eyes, this confirms the West Ham target wants to leave Lazio this summer, the club where he has plied his trade for the past five years.

Gazzetta dello Sport explain the Brazilian has made up his mind, wanting Premier League football above all else, believing it’s the perfect division for him to ‘fully express his potential’.

However, as you will be fully aware if you’ve followed our coverage of the situation, the transfer to West Ham is anything but done.

Every time there’s a positive update, the next two are negative, and Monday is no different.

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Friday saw the mention of an evening meeting expected to close the deal, but Gazzetta’s latest take on it is that the Hammers are ‘still far’ from Lazio’s demands, which are now €48m.

And, to very little surprise, we’re now blessed with the return of Chelsea, who ‘could’ make a move once Maurizio Sarri takes over.

Of course they ‘could’. Technically, anything ‘could’ happen. Felipe Anderson ‘could’ break a leg tomorrow, for all we know (we hope he doesn’t).

Or using Chelsea ‘could’ also be a ploy to get West Ham to move things along by getting them worried they could lose out to a local rival.

That’s just our two cents.