West Ham’s revelation last season following his transfer from Marseille, Dimitri Payet’s form, while still better than most, has taken a small dip, at least when it comes to goals.

Delivering, on average, more key passes (4) than anyone in the Premier League, the forward only has two goals to his name this season in the league, compared to the five he had at this stage last years.

Of course, the Hammers as a whole have been rather disappointing, currently 15th in the Premier League, and that is starting to take its toll on the French player, who is finding this season particularly tiring.

Speaking to Sport & Style in France, the player said: “West Ham are currently in a difficult situation. It’s costing me a lot of energy. We need to work and ensure we get out of this bad spot.”

Asked about a move away from England, or at least from the London Stadium, the player admitted he ‘hadn’t thought about it yet’, and that there were ‘periods made to ask oneself such questions’, which he will do when the time comes.

Adapting rapidly to English football, Payet admitted his family have also made London their home, loving the life the city has to offer, meaning he’s settled for the time being.

Of course, if West Ham fail to climb back up the table and continue to fight against relegation, their star player could quickly get disillusioned with a project that appeared so promising last season.