Amid all the transfer sagas happening this summer, Maxi Gomez’s proposed move to West Ham is creating something of a stir.

The striker has been backwards and forwards already over the last month, with West Ham and Valencia in a constant struggle to secure his signature.

Earlier today it seemed that the Hammers had won the battle. We covered a report from Faro de Vigo earlier today saying he’d be on his way to the London Stadium.

They confidently stated that ‘Maxi Gomez will play in the Premier League’ and the idea that his agents pushed for him to move to the Premier League was once again offered up as a reason why.

Now, though, SuperDeporte have hit back with a report of their own. They say Valencia still believe that they can get Gomez this summer but don’t want to get caught up in a transfer saga.

Los Ches have asked Gomez’s representatives to give them a definitive answer by the end of Monday and are remaining cautious until there is an absolute end to it all.

Indeed, when presenting new signing Jason Remeseiro the club’s President, Anil Murthy, was asked about the move for Gomez and would only tell journalists to stay ‘patient’.

The suggestion certainly seems to be that Valencia believe they can still get their man and his potential move to West Ham isn’t as final as other reports have made it seem.

Super Deporte simply come out and say this is the case ‘despite different information that appears from Vigo and from England’.

West Ham are clearly pushing hard, though, and it remains to be seen where he ends up. Valencia aren’t giving up quite yet, that’s for sure.