Enner Valencia to Porto is a rumour which is not being taken very seriously by O Jogo today.

After reading reports coming from The Sun, someone at the Portuguese newspaper said the speculation shouldn’t be trusted, and tried to smash the gossip.

O Jogo claims the story comes from the ‘always suspect’ English newspaper, and that it ‘did not find echos’ in Porto, because the club have more important things to do at this stage, which is to sell players.

After years covering all the noise the Portuguese press makes when their clubs have rumours involving Premier League deals, we must admit we didn’t see such a denial coming.

That’s when we went to check The Sun’s article, and found out they were actually just replicating what they read on Portuguese outlet A Bola. Then we obviously went to A Bola, and they were covering reports from South American website BolaVip.

The original source, which is not very reliable as well, was claiming Valencia was offered to Porto for £8m. West Ham would now be waiting for the Portuguese side’s decision.

It’s all a big mess, but right when O Jogo tried to get things right, they missed a shot and blamed the wrong suspect.