Simone Zaza is probably the only player who can star a saga a couple of months after joining his new club.

The problem has always been his poor form. West Ham have the option to pay Juventus €20m in case the striker reaches a certain number of games. But as he hasn’t scored any goals after nine appearances, the decision is not so easy.

That’s why he keeps being linked to several Italian clubs. And on Thursday, Zaza’s father Antonio has given an interview to Calcio Mercato and tried to make the situation more clear.

Questioned about what is going wrong with Zaza’s spell at West Ham, his dad said: “I honestly don’t know, I think we will analyse various situations. Between tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will be in London to take stock of the situation with Simone and with West Ham.”

He was also asked if the player will stay in London until the end of the season or if there’s a possibility of seeing Zaza returning to Italy in January: “Let’s see, the situation is not very clear. I can’t guarantee that he will remain in London until the end of season or that he’ll surely go away. I think it will be important to first analyse everything with my son.”

Antonio Zaza added that there are no offers from Milan and Napoli for now, but in case they arrive, he’d be glad to analyse it: “Absolutely, the two destinations are very welcome. If they were to call, I would very happily speak to them.”

Doesn’t exactly sound like they’re hugely committed to West Ham.