William Carvalho to West Ham is getting closer according to the Portuguese press. That’s been the case for several days, with various Portuguese newspapers bringing updates on offers, counter offers, and what progress is being made.

Throughout there has been a striking optimism. Carvalho transfer rumours are very frequent, especially to the Premier League. West Ham are just the latest in a long line of clubs seriously linked with signing the defensive midfielder, but the Portuguese press insist this time it’s different.

Sunday’s copy of Record details West Ham’s latest offer, but first they go over the old offer. As we covered several days ago, West Ham proposed €30m plus €5m in easy bonuses and €5m in more difficult bonuses.

Sporting president Bruno de Carvalho presented a counter offer of €35m plus €10m in bonuses, and now West Ham have met him roughly halfway.

West Ham have prposed €32m, €5-10m in future payments, and 5% of a future transfer fee. On top of that, West Ham will pay the €600k FIFA solidarity payment. Without the sell-on percentage, that totals a possible €42.6m headline figure.

There are still matters in discussion, such as when the payments will be made, but movements are expected in the next few days.