West Ham United are back to being linked to Gabriel Barbosa.

It’s Italian website Calcio Mercato who gives the Hammers another mention today, saying them and Schalke 04 were the first to show some interest in the Brazilian striker.

Gabigol belongs to Inter Milan, but is having a loan spell at Brazilian side Flamengo, where he’s been impressing a lot. Last night, he scored two in the 5-0 win over Grêmio for the Copa Libertadores semifinals.

Since the loan expires in December, there should be a big race to sign him in January. That’s what Calcio Mercato talks about, saying Flamengo have been moving to get him first.

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It’s said that €30m will be needed to sign him, and Calcio Mercato claims that Inter Milan will meet Flamengo after the end of the Copa Libertadores so they can negotiate a permanent deal. The final is being played on the 23th of November.

Now couldn’t the European sides like West Ham offer more than the Brazilian club? We’re pretty sure it’s possible, and Inter will certainly be waiting for the highest bidder rather than accept the first offer that lands on their desk.

Flamengo’s vice-president of football Marcos Braz has spoken to Lance last night, and made it clear that the negotiations are on.

“We already have the conversation for him to stay. It’s early. We have already started dealing with his agents. I don’t think we’ll have problems if he wants to stay. Flamengo will make a strong and satisfactory proposal. We will make every effort to keep him.”

“We are experienced, we’re not talking about it now. In December there’s a window for both sides and we’ll settle. I think we’ll have no problem. My wish is that he stays, sometimes it’s not possible. This is less important than the history of Flamengo.”