A couple of Portuguese newspapers are going with Bruno Martins-Indi to West Ham in their Thursday edition. Record say West Ham are ‘keen’ on the player who spent last season on loan at Stoke City.

It’s reiterated that Stoke City have been trying to sign the Dutchman this summer, but Record say they haven’t been prepared to pay the €10m FC Porto want.

Both newspapers credit their claims to ‘the English media’, and it would appear West Ham links may have been born out of another mistranslation.

Throughout the current transfer season, the Portuguese media have been turning opinion articles into concrete links of interest, and then running with the story. It seems to be an issue with the translation of the word ‘should’.

This week English website HITC said West Ham ‘should’ challenge for Martins-Indi.

When that word is translated into Portuguese it’s being used as something to describe a probable run of events rather than a suggestion.

This has given birth to more than a handful of transfer rumours this summer, and some of the suggestions may even be ideas held at clubs, so if any of the transfers actually happen it’ll further encourage the ‘should’ mistranslation.

As for Martins-Indi, Stoke probably need to stump up the €10m, it’s not such a high fee for the 25 year old.