As the Felipe Anderson saga goes on, clubs continue to try to avoid paying Santos the percentage they’re due over the player.

Last week, we covered claims from Italy which said Lazio were trying to convince West Ham to overpay for Jordan Lukaku so they could get a discount for Felipe Anderson. That manoeuvre would be made so the Italian side wouldn’t have to spend as much when paying Santos the 25% they are due from a Felipe Anderson sale.

Now in a report from Brazilian outlet UOL today, it’s claimed the Premier League side are asking Santos to give up on part of their percentage of the player so they can afford the midfielder.

Santos own 25% of a future sale which was agreed when they sold Felipe Anderson to Lazio back in €7.5m.

So as West Ham offer between £25m and £30m for the midfielder, according to these claims, they would want Santos to give up something, and UOL uses 10% as an example. That’s what the Hammers are trying to do so they can match Lazio’s demands.

Just so you can have an idea, that would be between R$13m and R$15m, enough to sign a pretty decent player in the Brazilian league.

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So what West Ham, a rich Premier Leaue side, are doing is to ask a South American club, who can barely pay their pay roll, to help them with a few million so they can sign a £30m player.

That sounds like a stretch, and that’s why according to UOL, Santos’ board have no intention to receive less than what the contract says.