West Brom have been increasingly linked to players over the past week or so. Most of those links have been to footballers in the Portuguese league, after Tony Pulis admitted his interest in William Carvalho.

That gave the Portuguese press freedom to link half of Sporting’s current team, even if the stories didn’t make sense, and it seems West Brom are going to be a popular club in the Portuguese rumour mill this summer.

Out of Portugal and over to Belgium, West Brom have been linked with interest in an Anderlecht player. This time it’s not Polish striker Łukasz Teodorczyk, but instead Romanian forward Alexandru Chipciu.

The right footed player usually, naturally, plays on the right side but he’s got a certain flexibility. Anderlecht Online report West Brom’s interest in the 27 year old, but don’t add anything further to the story.

Maybe West Brom are going to be linked with half the Anderlecht team now, just like with Sporting.