Mesut Ozil again wasn’t in Arsenal’s squad at the weekend, and it’s becoming a situation which brings less surprise each time it happens.

Whilst there have been injury issues which would explain at least some of the absences, rumour grows around the player’s prominence under Unai Emery and ability to fit into the manager’s system.

For Bild it’s a big deal as they follow Ozil’s career closely. So after the 1-0 defeat to West Ham at the weekend, the German newspaper looked to get some opinion from those following the club.

Of course, they went straight for Arsenal Fan TV, and interviewed Robbie Lyle.

With a headline reading ‘Then he’ll have to go!’, Bild asked Lyle, who they describe as ‘Arsenal’s most influential fan’, his opinion: “We want to know how it continues with Ozil. If he’s not picked against Chelsea next week, we’ll have to sell him.”

On the type of reaction AFC TV are getting from fans about Ozil’s situation, Lyle said: “The fans are currently very surprised. A player like him should at least sit on the bench.”

Bild explain that Ozil’s huge wages are causing difficulties for Arsenal’s finances, and suggest the Aaron Ramsey situation is a symptom of the problem.

On the German’s mega-contract, Lyle said: “I don’t blame Ozil. When he renewed his contract, the club’s leadership panicked. They wanted to please the fans after sending Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United.”

In December Bild reported the footballer plans to stay at Arsenal ‘as long as possible’, at least until 2020. He ‘loves life in London’, but can ‘imagine a move to MLS or China’ in the future.

Bild added: ‘There are contacts with the Beckham Club in Miami. But this club starts games in MLS only in 2020… In sunny Florida, Ozil may imagine the end of his career. But until then, he still wants to enjoy the well-paid life as an Arsenal professional in the world metropolis of London.’