In their Thursday edition, Super Deporte make it clear they think something odd is happening with Sandro Ramirez at Everton.

The regional Valencia newspaper speak on their front cover of the ‘The Sandro mystery’ and continue that theme inside.

Super Deporte think it’s very odd that there’s been no public explanation of Sandro’s fitness situation and why he’s not travelled for the Europa League dead rubber tonight.

The situation is said to be ‘mysterious’ and it’s stated Sam Allardyce has explained ‘off the record’ (although it’s not mentioned who the Everton manager told) that Sandro has picked up a blow, and that’s why he’s not involved.

Sandro’s absence is ‘framed in a situation that is somewhat mysterious’, say Super Deporte, and they find it odd that updates have been given on other players, including those considered from the U23 squad, but not on the Spaniard.

It’s not known whether all this is good or bad news for Valencia’s hopes of signing the player from Everton in January.

Super Deporte end their article by simply saying ‘Weird, weird’.

Now we’re suspicious too.