Watford striker Richarlison continues to speak a lot to the Brazilian press. Always commenting on how his first Premier League season has been, the player shows he’s happy at the club, and wants to stay in England for longer.

The 20-year-old has been interviewed by Sportv this week, and claimed to be positive about the end of the season.

“For me, it’s being wonderful. My first season here in England. I had a very good start helping the team and scoring goals. Unfortunately, the team had a drop. I think it can improve,” he told Sportv.

Richarlison had been good friends with Marco Silva, the manager who brought him to the club in first place. When the Portuguese boss got sacked, the player was clearly upset, especially for not being as much appreciated by the new manager Javi Gracia, and even cried when being subbed off.

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But the striker has revealed that the issues between them are all in the past. He told Sportv that he asked Gracia to talk, and in what South Americans call portuñol, the mix of Portuguese and Spanish, they could sort out their differences.

“He came up with a different proposal, he plays in a different style with other formations. I’m getting fit again, picking up rhythm. I lost a bit of rhythm because I was being replaced every game. I had a conversation with him.

“I called him to talk, he explained to me then, he told me the way he plays. It was a good conversation, I learned a lot. He is teaching me every day, in training, how to play in his formation. I’m learning every day with him.”

Richarlison has revealed that when living in a hotel, he lost five kilos as he couldn’t eat the way he wanted to. But that’s when Watford goalkeeper Gomes, his best friend at the club, started helping him.

“Gomes was instrumental here on my arrival. He sorted a house here near the training center. He also found a Brazilian supermarket. We are now eating rice with beans and meat. I could get back to physical form. He’s the guy who helped in everything, practically. Even at work during training he helps me. He knows the ball is not finding the net, he talks to me, for me to be calm, that the goal will come on time, that it’s just a phase.”

Still regarding his future, Richarlison claims he wants to stay in the Premier League, no matter at which club: “I’ve already talked to my family, my agent, that I want to stay here in England for many years. Here is the football that everyone sees. I intend to stay here.”