After Leicester City, Everton, and Tottenham, it’s now time for Watford to be dragged into the race for Adrien Silva.

When speaking of Spurs’ interest, which itself is more than shaky, in the midfielder on Tuesday, Record has a box explaining that the Hornets would be keen on the player as well.

This information would have come from the English press, with claims that Watford would like to pay around €13m for the player.

Adrien has a €45m release clause, and the least Sporting would accept is €30m, the same amount they turned down from Leicester City last summer. So we went after the claims, since they didn’t make much sense.

There isn’t anything like that in the English press. What we did find is the Twitter account of someone called , claiming to be a FIFA agent, giving this info. Most likely to be a fake profile.

Sporting fans found out this tweet, and that’s why there are so many replies saying that £10m should only be enough to take Adrien Silva’s boots.

That’s how this rumour made it to the paper, and we don’t doubt we’ll now see Watford’s interest mentioned many times by the Portuguese press this summer.