On Thursday, Portuguese newspaper A Bola had an interesting story saying Watford would be watching a couple of players in an Europa League game last night.

Part of it was pretty reasonable for them to report, as it was about a Portuguese player. But the other two targets are Croatian and play for local side Rijeka, so it was a little strange to read that in a Lisbon newspaper.

But it all makes sense now, because they have a big story on one of them today, which is Josip Misic.

The attention given by A Bola is because Sporting are interested in the player, and seem to have the conditions to sign him in January.

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A problem for the Lions is that there’s competition from four different countries. Russia, Germany, Italy, and, of course, England, where ‘Marco Silva’s Watford’ get a mention again.

A Bola claims that the word in Croatia is that Misic would be available for €3m, an amount which Sporting could definitely afford, although we all know that it would be easy for Watford as well.

The midfielder has five assists and three goals for the Croatian side this season, and with a contract running until 2020, one would expect him to be more expensive… so perhaps there’s a potential bargain here.