Watford fans have been reading a lot about João Pedro in the past week, and it couldn’t be any different. With three goals in his last two games, the 17-year-old has been impressing for Fluminense and making the Hornets pretty excited with his upcoming move.

That’s the reason why he’s been interviewed by the Brazilian press several times in the past few days, and his last chat turned out to be quite emotional.

Back on Monday, we covered a story in which João Pedro’s mother revealed their old struggles. His family left their hometown to move with him to Rio de Janeiro, in a time when the player’s salary was £60 a month.

Now this story was told by João Pedro himself in an interview with Fox Sports. The teenager cried when recalling the hard times.

“There was a time at the academy when my mother… we were in need. We didn’t have much money then. I had a pair of trousers. I had a pair of shoes to do gym, to hang out, to go to school. My mother was eating an egg every day, leaving a piece of meat for me. So I said ‘what, what am I doing here, man? Away from home, friends?'”

“But she’s always supporting me. She said ‘son, everything will be fine, my son. The important thing is that you’re eating. Make these moments worthwhile on the pitch.’

“And every time, I don’t know if you notice, that I’m going to enter the pitch or that I score a goal, I kiss my tattoos that are the things that strengthen me. I run because of them. I didn’t give up because of them. And I think that makes me stronger on the pitch.”

João Pedro, who has the names of his mother and his grandma tattooed on his arms, is still not sure if he’s joining Watford in January or June next year. He also claims to have big aspirations, such as winning the Champions League, the World Cup and being the best player in the world. After all, nothing looks impossible for him.