Watford striker Richarlison attended ESPN Brasil show ‘Resenha’ this week, telling some funny stories of his life.

Resenha is a show made by one presenter and several players and former players, and although the word ‘Resenha’ can’t really be translated to English, it means a relaxed chat between footballers. So even if a player talks about a loss, the other guys will have a go at him.

One of the questions made to Richarlison was about Kevin De Bruyne, with the presenter asking how good the Manchester City star is, after Watford were beaten 6-0 at home by the Premier League champions.

“He’s a monster. Looks like he’s from another planet, De Bryune,” said the Watford player. “He alone put our team on a rondo. We conceded six at home. We managed to hold the first thirty minutes there, but then…”

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Then the ex-players started asking if any Watford played had been sent off for things to go so badly in that match. Richarlison said no, and the guys were quite impressed.

So former Brazilian national team player César Sampaio asked if there were protests from Watford fans at the stadium or at the training ground, as this is pretty common in Brazil.

“No. Nothing. They even applauded,” said Richarlison.

“Applauded him?” asked César Sampio, wondering if the fans were impressed with De Bruyne’s performance.

“Us”, responded Richarlison. “They applauded us. They saw we fought until the end. But there is no way. The team were flying at the time. And De Bruyne, if I’m not mistaken, make three or four assists and finished our team.”

This is slightly alien to the Brazilian football media, who would have expected demonstrations after such a loss.