Football is all about decision making, both on the pitch and off it, and choosing your nationality has become a big decision for most footballers these days.

Dual nationality is now a big thing, with players forced to choose between representing the country of their birth, heritage or where they’ve grown up.

There is often a furore over such decisions, as we saw with Declan Rice, and it seems Watford striker Luis Suárez is about to get tangled up in the process as well.

The young striker was born in Colombia but is also eligible for Spain, after spending several years there as a youngster.

That means he’s eligible for both countries and Marca Claro report he is about to declare for the latter.

The newspaper says Suárez plans to swear to the Spanish Constitution in the coming days, a process that will allow him to gain a Spanish passport and thus help Real Zaragoza free up a non-EU space in their squad.

His choice, it seems, is to become an EU national.

That could work out particularly well for Watford given it’s far easier to get permission for EU Nationals than it is for players outside of the EU.

Should he flourish in Spain, they’ll undoubtedly want him for the future and the early indications are that is precisely what he is doing.

Suárez has two goals in his first three games at Real Zaragoza this season, and Marca claim he is already one of the ‘revelations’ in La Liga2.

Indeed, they claim he is already an ‘idol’ as far as Zaragoza are concerned and everyone at the club is expecting him to ‘explode’ this year.