With the Watford loanee Adalberto Peñaranda not living a good time in Spain, the local press isn’t any afraid of making some heavy criticism towards him.

A couple of outlets are reporting that Malaga have lost patience regarding the player’s recent attitude, and he now should be fined by the club.

There are actually two versions of the story. El Desmarque claims that the 20-year-old Watford owned player has been late to training sessions three different times in the same week.

Currently injured, Peñaranda is also not very committed to his recovery, and that’s one more reason why Malaga are so mad about the situation.

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Diario Sur has a heavier story, not claiming the player has been late, but saying he’s been absent from training sessions, with no justification for it.

The player is criticised for not being worth all the investment that Malaga has been making in him, partly because in his 13 appearances this season he hasn’t got any goals or assists.

An interesting angle is that although the first outlet claims that Peñaranda could be back to the squad once he’s recovered, the second says the chances are very little, ‘not to say null’. So it will be important, even for Watford, to see how the Spanish club and the player will handle the situation after the fine is given.