On Tuesday, we covered a story from Catalan outlet Mundo Deportivo which said that several clubs are interested in Brazilian fullback Emerson.

Among those keen on signing the Atlético Mineiro player, there would be the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Watford.

The newspaper didn’t have any details about the approaches from these clubs, but now Brazilian outlet Super Esportes has a few reasons why it would be better to try to sign him in the summer transfer window.

The website says that Atlético would favour a summer sale because it’s a ‘more agitated’ window, with the possibilities of creating an auction.

And another good reason to do that is because if selling in January, Emerson’s former club Ponte Preta would get a percentage, due to the agreement made when the player joined Atlético last year. In the summer, this clause will be gone.

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Super Esportes doesn’t say how much would Ponte Preta’s percentage be, but other outlets have previously claimed to be of 12.5%.

Although it may not sound like a lot, Atletico also share his ownership with a third-party agency, TFM. The club own 62.5% and the company has the rest.

So to avoid having percentages taken by two other parties, Atletico should wait a little more before selling. That could be a message for the Premier League sides who want him.