Charly Musonda is currently out with a knee injury.

The Chelsea player was injured in his first loan game for Vitesse and in September it was reported he’d be out for a few months. 

Now 22 years of age, Musonda certainly isn’t at the level he’d have expected at this stage of his career, given the player’s huge confidence and associated ambition.

Belgium U21 coach Johan Walem has been speaking to HLN about various things and it was inevitable the Chelsea youngster would come up in conversation.

Unfortunately, it was probably also inevitable that Walem would be able to share a story which didn’t sound so positive.

Asked directly about the player, Walem explained: “Charly did not show up for the qualifying match against Turkey at the end of August last year, so I went to see him at Chelsea, the problem is that Charly has so much ambition… He wants to be the biggest, the prettiest, the best. Charly would have thought he would be called for the A-team, so I did not succeed… I told him: “You can be a key player with us, you can experience an EC …” He has other choices I did not want to push Charly after that – I could not do that to the group.”

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Asked if he thinks that Musonda finding himself at Vitesse is a ‘waste of talent’, the coach said “Absolutely.”

HLN put it to Walem that perhaps Musonda just isn’t that good, to which he replied: “But yes, although he may be more of an ‘8’ than a ’10’ – as a playmaker he wants to do too much, then he demands everything. Charly must first and foremost find peace and confidence in his head.”

Confidence probably hasn’t been too much of an issue to find, given all the stories surrounding the Chelsea youngster’s career to date.