We must confess we’re running out of creativity when it comes to writing opening paragraphs in stories about Jorginho’s agent speaking to the Italian media.

So here we are again, as the representative of the Chelsea player was now interviewed by Arena Maradona show on Radio CRC on Friday afternoon.

Unsurprisingly, João Santos was once again asked if there’s a chance the midfielder could leave the Blues and move back to the Serie A this summer.

This subject has been approached many times, with the official claiming Jorginho’s priority would stay at Chelsea. Now it turns out that this time, he even mentioned that the 29-year-old wants a new contract with the Stamford Bridge side.

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“Jorginho won the Champions League and has now become a strong point in Italy too. He has earned everything on the pitch, sweating every victory, always giving his all on the pitch,” said João Santos (via Area Napoli).

“He wants to extend his contract with the English club, but, if he cannot do it, he’ll think about returning to Serie A, perhaps at Napoli.”

Jorginho has been in the spotlight in the Italian media lately, as following the Champions League title with Chelsea, he’s now part of the squad that could win the Euro, and that makes the local press going as far as wondering if he’d deserve to win the Ballon d’Or this season.