What started like a dream for Mattéo Guendouzi at Marseille on loan from Arsenal is quickly turning into a nightmare, as the Ligue 1 side are on two wins from their last seven games.

The French club have struggled of late, and players who were once being lauded by the press are now being criticised, with the midfielder being one of them.

Sent to the south of France to get him away from Mikel Arteta’s sight, Guendouzi was, and still is, expected to stay at Marseille beyond this season, with an option to buy included in the deal taking him away from the Emirates.

However, something will have to change for this not to turn sour, as reports have already started to emerge of the Arsenal player already grating on his teammates in training with his attitude, which has now followed him onto the actual football pitch.

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This was pointed out by RMC Sport pundit Daniel Riolo, who laid into Guendouzi on the After Foot, relayed by Foot Radio.

He said: “Two or three weeks ago, Guendouzi, who was highly criticised, I saw him on all four corners of the pitch, he was generous. Now, that’s two games where I’ve seen the old Guendouzi… The one who wants to do too much, who gives orders to everyone, who shoots when he shouldn’t, who wants to be the boss too much, who wants to do his show…

“With these choices, he wants to impose himself, but, really, it’s a bit as if you can never change. Nature will always catch up with you”.