Just this week, we covered stories from the Italian media which stated Newcastle United are very interested in signing Federico Chiesa from Juventus.

It’s been said that the Magpies are ‘particularly attentive‘ to the winger, with evaluations ‘underway’ ahead of a potential summer move.

Now as TV Play shares some quotes from former Juventus striker Fabrizio Ravanelli, there’s some criticism towards Chiesa which could be of interest to Newcastle.

The ex-player claimed the winger must change his attitude at the Serie A giants, otherwise he’ll continue to annoy their fans.

“Chiesa could fit in very well with Spalletti, for me he is a very strong player and I cannot imagine seeing a Juve without him in the future,” said Ravanelli.

“He has to change his attitude on the pitch, he has to be less impatient. He can’t go for a corner kick when he’s underneath, walking around like an 80-year-old. I want to see him more ‘bad’ and involved in the team.”

Playing for Juventus this season, Chiesa has six goals and two assists in 22 appearances. Not only Newcastle are said to be interested in taking him to the Premier League in the summer, as Liverpool have been said to be keen on his signing as well.

It’s been said in Italy that €35-40m could be enough to convince Juventus to sell Chiesa. Now in case his attitude at the club remains a big problem for them, that would surely make the negotiations easier for the Magpies.