Over the past few days the Turin press have been having a slight panic on behalf on Juventus.

The Italian club had been growing anxious that Emre Can won’t officially commit to them yet, as he’s worried that could hamper his involvement at Liverpool for the rest of the season.

Calciomercato have looked to calm those Juventus worries for fans, by saying there’s still the same confidence a transfer is happening, even if it’s not 100% until everything is official.

Juventus are said to be ‘convinced’ they’re getting the Liverpool player in the summer because they have a ‘long-standing verbal agreement with the player and his entourage’.

The Serie A champions feel secure about the matter because they have the ‘handshake of Emre Can’ and have even sent him a contract for four years plus a further season option, at €5m a year after tax.

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Can’s lawyers are said to be controlling everything and whilst Juventus have the ‘upmost confidence’ the Liverpool player will be theirs, they’re still pushing to make it all official as soon as possible.

€5m a year, even after tax, doesn’t seem like the biggest deal for a free agent in the current market, perhaps Juve should worry more than they are doing.