When we cover the European media ahead of Celtic playing in UEFA competitions, one theme always runs through the reports.

Celtic fans. On the whole, the European media loves them. Whether the Scottish Premiership club are playing a Spanish, French or German side, there’ll be explanations from journalists and former players detailing just how good the atmosphere at Celtic Park is.

It’s always seen as a big plus for Brendan Rodgers’ side and an experience for the opposition.

Today brings something completely different.

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Celtic fans have annoyed Valencia. Super Deporte reports the Spanish club have made a complaint to UEFA because they’re angry with how fans of the Scottish club have ‘deformed’ the Valencia bat on a tifo.

A tifo is a fan display, usually held up before kick-off. The bat has been changed, and it’s not gone down well.

UEFA have rejected the complaint, because the governing body feels it ‘doesn’t incite violence’.