Marcos Alonso has been speaking to Guillem Balague for AS, having a chat with the Spanish newspaper outside what looks like a cafe in London.

Atletico Madrid are in town this week for a crucial Champions League tie, and that’s obviously generated Spanish interest in Chelsea and the Spaniards who play there.

Alonso has a spent a lot of his career outside of Spain, the majority of it in fact, with spells at Bolton Wanderers, Fiorentina, Sunderland, and now Chelsea. That formed some of the questioning, as did escaping the London traffic.

Asked if he ever leaves Stamford Bridge on foot, Alonso explained an incident, or lack of an incident, with Arsenal fans: “One time, but it is better to wait until they open the road and leave by car, because if not… The day of the Arsenal match I had to go to the airport, I couldn’t wait and I went out to get a taxi. At first it was good because I was going with security, but when I turned the corner I found 50 Arsenal fans and I said to myself “Ugh, there’s going to be trouble”. But then I took pictures with them. The English fan is educated.”

Arsenal had just got themselves a 0-0 draw with the Premier League champions, so perhaps that helped Alonso find friendly faces rather than angry or mocking ones.

As he always is, Alonso was asked if he thinks about Spanish national team: “Not much. The coach has very difficult choices and what is in my power is to do well with Chelsea and improve.”