As claimed by The Daily Star, Everton would have won the race for the signing of the Corinthians wonderkid Caio Emerson.

The article does’t explain much, as they only say the Toffees would pay £250k to get the player, whose contract expires in the Summer.

The Daily Star actually says the Everton claims come from The Mirror, although we couldn’t find anything on their website.

So UOL, with an update written by news agency Lance Press, came up with a story later giving a few details about the youngster’s situation.

Caio Emerson is seventeen, and when he turns eighteen in February, he’ll be out of contract because he is still to find a professional deal with Corinthians.

The Brazilian side is having a hard time to convince his agents, and one of the problems is a mistake made by them in 2015, when they informed the Brazilian FA that they owned 100% of the player’s economical rights when they actually didn’t. Corinthians only have 25%, as his old club Cruzeiro have 25% and his agents have 50%.

So UOL, or Lance Press, take the claims from the Daily Record (not the Mirror!) and say that Everton would pay the £250k to get 50% of Caio Emerson.

What they should know is that this kind of deal isn’t allowed in England, therefore the Toffees would have to to buy the full 100%. That’s why the story doesn’t make much sense for now.

South American agents often use English clubs as a way to press the Brazilian sides to get a better contract.

Everton don’t have a big history of signing Brazilian youngsters, and even though the player was heavily linked to Barcelona in the past, that move disappeared too.