Everyone is getting in on the Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United rumour.

It started in Italy and was quickly picked up and run with by the English media, the Chilean press have also had their say today, and now it’s time for France to get a shout.

Le10 Sport on Monday evening claim an exclusive that Sanchez is now very close to signing for Manchester United. They present it as their own information, but there’s of course going to be doubts over whether Le10 are letting on they know more than they do.

The claims are as follows (yes, we’ve got to bullet point stage):

  • Le10’s headline says Sanchez is ‘on the way’ to Manchester United.
  • Unless something changes, the deal is in the ‘final stages’.
  • Arsenal have accepted an offer from the Old Trafford club, of a Henrikh Mkhitaryan exchange.
  • Sanchez is ‘finalising the details of his contract’ with Manchester United.
  • As long as there’s no last minute turnaround, Sanchez will ‘quickly’ engage with the club.

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It’s worth pointing out this is the same Le10 Sport who last week suggested Manchester United are considering a €500m move for Neymar.

But, to be fair, when in the past they’ve claimed interest from the club in Marquinhos, it’s then somewhat been backed up by the player’s agent.