Oliver Sarkic moving to Leeds United isn’t something which has been heavily covered in Portugal.

And that’s strange, because a young player going to England, whether it be Premier League or Championship, represents the possibility of a reasonable financial return and that’s a big part of Portuguese football.

Now the loan move has been officially announced by both Leeds United and Benfica, the Portuguese press are touching upon it. Record say Sarkic, a 20 year old striker, wasn’t able to impress Swansea City enough on trial, and the Premier League club were left ‘unconvinced’.

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That fits in with what O Jogo say in their Saturday edition, that Swansea ‘opted not to offer a contract’ to Sarkic.

O Jogo say the youngster has now ‘eventually’ found an English club, making it clear that was the aim all along (and allowing for Swansea being very much Welsh), and Record saying that he was ‘also’ tested at the PL side, all makes it sound like Sarkic is on an extended trial.

Impress Leeds United enough over the next few months, and he’ll get to stay. That’s a big motivation for the youngster, and he has a great chance being given to him.