Ever Banega to Arsenal has picked up pace in recent days with lots of claims on the potential move.

Estadio Deportivo have followed the story closely. The well connected Seville sport newspaper know their readers will be concerned about the potential transfer and have therefore been doing their best to get to the bottom of things.

A couple of days ago Estadio Deportivo reported the change in sport direction at Sevilla has angered Banega, who has a bit of a tempter. It was claimed Banega was close to Oscar Arias and was furious that he was pushed out of the club.

The midfielder was even said to have told some people close to him that he wants out, but it’s uncertain whether that was simply anger which has now cooled.

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On Sunday Estadio Deportivo report claims of Banega’s agent meeting Arsenal in London aren’t correct, but they state Unai Emery interest does exist, and the manager has telephoned the player.

With a headline saying ‘Emery tries to seduce Bangea’ the slant is that Arsenal’s manager wants to convince the player over a move to the Gunners.