Earlier today, we covered the first bits of Willian’s interview with UOL where he talked about his move from Chelsea to Arsenal.

The winger claimed he never wanted to go from the Blues, and left the Stamford Bridge with ‘the doors open’ since there was no fight about his departure.

Now we have a few more quotes from the player’s chat with journalist Mauro Cezar Pereira, where he recalls some of the managers he’s had at Chelsea.

The 32-year-old first claimed he only got better in his years at the club, despite the many coaches he had. So he was asked about the best boss he had in his career, and the Brazilian is pretty sure when pointing out a special one.

“I always say that the best coach I had was Mourinho. I always say that”, Willian told UOL.

“I think I learned a lot from him, he was a coach that gave me a lot of confidence when I was coming from Russia. Arriving at Chelsea with many players in my position. There were a lot of players in front of me and he ended up betting on me.

“And I learned a lot from him on a daily basis, the way he gives the meetings. The way he speaks. Anyway, even the way to encourage players too. The way to motivate to be able to always play at a high level. So he was really a coach that I learned a lot and without a doubt he was the best I had.”

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Willian was then quizzed about the Italian managers he’s had at Chelsea. First speaking of Antonio Conte, the winger explained why the manager had problems with the squad, despite the Premier League title won in his first season.

“Look, I think he’s a great coach. A great coach, he has some ideas…. he works a lot tactically, the defensive part as well. I think that, in the field, the way of working I have nothing to say. He’s a really hard-working guy. He’s a great coach.”

“The problem he had was management, how to manage the group. That’s what he lacked, which is why he ended up having a lot of problems with several players, including me too. So that was really it. I think he was unable to manage and understand that there were many different players, from different countries, players considered stars. Important players for the club too. So I think he lacked that understanding.”

“But even so we were champions, the team really fit this way of playing. I think we took almost all opponents by surprise in this 3-4-3 formation, the wingbacks, so it took everyone by surprise.”

Speaking about Sarri, Willian also praised the coach, pointing out the difference they had in his game if compared to Antonio Conte’s.

“With Sarri, I think Sarri is a coach who also works a lot tactically, works a lot with the set piece, he offensive part too. It’s a different style of play than Conte’s. We, with Sarri, we controlled the game much more. With Conte we had more counterattack. So there were two great coaches who really enjoy working, without a doubt they work hard enough to be able to do the best for their team.”