Manchester United and Jose Mourinho also seemed cursed at the weekend. It looked as though karma had come back and taken a chunk out of Mourinho as he watched his team try everything and yet fail to score against a determined Burnley.

Mourinho was sent to the stands after complaining about refereeing decisions and then saw his flavour of the month Ander Herrera pick up a second yellow card after a slip.

The bad luck, and bad finishing, was comical for non Manchester United supporters, and welcomed thoroughly by those who travelled to watch Burnley.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 10.32.12But it wasn’t fortune and bad finishing alone which helped Burnley, and that’s been recognised by Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

Each week Gazzetta pick a European eleven, based on the weekend’s best performances.

Not only have Burnley got two players in the European Team of the Week, but they’re also the best rated, and both former Manchester United players.

Tom Heaton got 8.5 and Michael Keane was awarded an 8, with no other player in the European games matching either.