Massimo Cellino is, shock-horror, already considering a new coach at his new club Brescia.

Selling up at Leeds United, the Italian wanted to get back involved in football at home, and buy a team he could take to Serie A as soon as possible. That’s the plan anyway, not too different to the initial ideas at Elland Road.

Unfortunately, Brescia currently find themselves 16th out of 22 in Serie B, which isn’t great progress considering they finished 15th last season, before Cellino arrived with his big new ideas.

Not afraid to speak about a managerial change publicly, Cellino has been quoted by Corriere della Sera as saying of current incumbent Roberto Boscaglia: “I can also change coach, but who around is better?”

That’s the problem for Cellino, his reputation is going before him. Italy’s better managerial prospects don’t want to be used by the Manager Eater.

One idea is Giuseppe Iachini, who Corriere dell Sera point out was wanted at Leeds United when Cellino was in charge. Iachini is currently out of a job but still said to be ‘sceptical’ about potentially taking over at Brescia, as he was with Leeds, despite Cellino rating him highly.

Cellino rates all his coaches highly, at least at the start, he just rates his own football opinions more highly.