Adama Traore is very much a rising star in the Spanish sport media.

During the current international break, the media in the Wolves player’s home country have refreshed their obsession with his physique, and he’s now seen as a player who could have an impact for Luis Enrique at Euro 2020(21).

Naturally, whenever a footballer rises to prominence in Spain, there’s talk of a potential move to Real Madrid or Barcelona, and the media closest to each club details why he’d pick their side over the other.

Step forward Defensa Central, a Real Madrid orientated website, who have what they present as an ‘exclusive’ on the Wolves player’s transfer thinking.

They say they know ‘the truth’ about why he’d sign for Madrid over his former club Barcelona. According to the claims, Traore was ‘very hurt’ at how Barcelona treated him when he signed for Aston Villa in 2015, not listening enough to his preference for the club he wanted to join.

There’s an insistence Traore promised himself that if he was ever given the chance to return to Barca, he’d rejected them and would instead prefer a move to their bitter rivals Real Madrid.

All very convenient for a website which follows Los Blancos so closely.