On a Monday, all around Europe there’s articles reacting to little bombs dropped by UK Sunday newspapers. As is the tradition in the UK football media, Sunday sees tabloids, and some broadsheets, publish great big claims often about transfers.

Those great big claims often disappear without sight after a day, never to be mentioned again, but given it often involves a European club, the rumours stagger on elsewhere.

The Daily Star on Sunday published an article at the weekend claiming Manchester United’s Juan Mata could be off to Valencia. It was claimed Mata’s former club ‘would take him on a free transfer’ at the end of the season.

Super Deporte, Valencia’s closest newspaper, have now rubbished this.

The Star’s claims caused some excitement among Valencia plans, and Super Deporte are seeking to clarify things with an article titled ‘The truth about the future of Mata’.

That truth, as far as the Spanish newspaper are concerned, is that Mata will have his contract automatically extended until 2019, and has no intention whatsoever to leave Manchester United.

With the player not being keen to leave, the chances of a transfer are considered small, especially a free return to Valencia.

Mata believes he has the confidence of Jose Mourinho and will continue to be used despite Alexis Sanchez arriving at the Premier League club.

As far as Super Deporte are concerned… the ‘truth’ is it’s nonsense.