Newcastle United trying to sign Thiago Maia has picked up some pace in France, with reports of a bid from Rafa Benitez’s side for the Lille midfielder.

Arriving from Santos last summer for around €14m, the Brazilian starlet didn’t particularly enjoy a very good first season in France with his underperforming new club, but remains one of the few players the squad with some market value, therefore capable of helping the Ligue 1 side financially.

The story originates from a Le10 Sport article from last week, which slipped through our nets, who claimed Newcastle have been ‘interested by his profile for a very long time’ and that an offer had been made, although the amount hadn’t leaked.

Lille were said to have rejected the bid, not particularly wanting to sell the defensive midfielder, and that was that.

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Over the weekend, La Voix du Nord picked up the story, but didn’t add to it whatsoever, instead claiming the story came from the English media, and even adding ‘it was premature to confirm’ the veracity of the reports.

Unfortunately, this has been misinterpreted by some as the local media outlet reporting the bid themselves, which simply isn’t the case.