Linked with a number of clubs towards the end of the January transfer window, Kamil Grosicki took the surprise decision to turn them all down.

This even caught members of his entourage off guard, but it appears the player was holding out for a return to Poland after Legia Warsaw’s director of football gave him a call.

That move has so far failed to materialise, with wages becoming a bit of an issue, and we’ve since seen Pogón Szczecin also linked.

Grosicki has played for both Polish sides in the past, and while Legia might have the most money, the other is the club where his entire football career started.

You would think nostalgia could lead him to cut down his demands to ensure a move there, but that appears out of the question.

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Speaking to Interia Sport, Pogón’s owner, Jaroslaw Mroczek, made everything very clear.

He said: “To be honest with you, there has been nothing to do with the last few weeks. The information in the media that we are close to an agreement with Grosicki is at most a symptom of the willingness of certain people who would like to actually bring Kamil in.

“It’s true, I do not hide that there was a conversation about Kamil’s possibly returning to Pogón, but it was a really short conversation. Simply put: Kamil’s financial expectations are very high and we cannot afford to meet them. Therefore, I can assure you that you won’t see Grosik in Pogón in spring”.

That’s that, then.