If you’re a football fan of a certain vintage, you’ll undoubtedly remember Trever Steven in his heyday.

A member of Everton’s successful title-winning side in the 1980s as well as successful spells at Rangers and Marseille, he played for some of the biggest sides at the time.

One he never turned out for was Manchester United, although it seems things could have been very different.

In the summer of 1989, when his time at Everton was coming to an end, the England international had a choice to make, and it led him to Ibrox.

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With numerous offers on the table, he could have stayed in England or, try something new with Graeme Souness north of the border at Rangers.

He ultimately chose the latter, joining Rangers in a £1.5m deal from Everton, going on to win seven straight league titles and two league cups with the club.

Had he decided to stay in England then a move to Manchester United was on offer, but as Steven explains to Euro News, it was an easy decision to make.

“Yes, I could have gone to Manchester United after my time at Everton. But I chose Glasgow Rangers,” he told the website.

“Back then, it wasn’t a decision to be questioned – like today. The level of large teams can change.

“Manchester United have always been a good team. The Glasgow Rangers played first class at the time. I decided to go there. Graeme Souness was the manager.

“I enjoyed my time in Scotland. I come from near Scotland; it was almost like coming home.

“It was different for footballers then than it is today when the Premier League attracts all players and everyone wants to get into the Premier League.”