Barely a day has gone by over the last week without an update, however incremental, on Andre Gomes’ move to Everton.

The last we heard an agreement between the two clubs had been reached after Gomes made it clear he wanted to return to Goodison Park.

Since that update, though, there has been little talk about the move, leaving some Everton fans wondering what the hold up is.

Mundo Deportivo have the answer to that. According to them, a deal for €25m has been agreed between the two parties, so there’s no issue there. That price has various variables on top as well, according to La Vanguardia.

However, it is the lack of a ‘bureaucratic procedure’ that is holding the whole process up, but they still believe it will ‘end up closing shortly’.

Now what that procedure is, Mundo Deportivo doesn’t say. Usually, that’s a term referring to either a work permit or international clearance, but Gomes is Portuguese and wouldn’t need either of those.

What we do know is that Barcelona are keen to get the deal done before June 30th. That’s when their financial year comes to an end and, according to the Catalan media; Barca’s accounts aren’t all that great.

They need to get some of their ‘easier’ sales, such as Gomes, done before then but so far that hasn’t happened. Either way, expect this move to conclude sooner rather than later.