Some Newcastle fans may remember the few times the club were linked to Sporting left-back Marvin Zeegelaar last month.

It was all a very confusing situation. First the Portuguese press reported the interest, then credited it to English outlets, something that made us doubt the story.

And it seems Newcastle United weren’t that excited with the rumour themselves, because there have been no moves from the Premier League side so far.

Zeegelaar is still living an uncomfortable situation at Sporting, as the club wants him to leave in the transfer window. And as reported by Record, no approaches have been made for him. None. Zero. No one is interested, even after months of reports saying he should leave.

The player has rejected a move to Norwich City in the past, mostly because he didn’t want to play the Championship. It would be a different situation with Newcastle, but the lack of talks seems to prove there was never a real interest.

If there was, and still is, it’s now an open goal for Newcastle.