The Italian media love some drama around Nicolo Zaniolo. It’s been going on for much of the player’s career, and has put more pressure on him than others.

Indeed, it’s likely one of the reasons he’s now at Aston Villa. Pretty much ostracised at AS Roma after months of issues, which certainly weren’t all of his own making, Zaniolo was sold to Galatasaray.

That then saw his summer move to Aston Villa, in a deal which is initially a loan but expected to be turned into a permanent transfer.

The recent gambling drama in Italian football inevitably involved Zaniolo, but his insistence that he only gambled on non-football related issues, and no evidence suggesting otherwise, has seen him escape a ban.

Italy’s latest Zaniolo drama is claiming he’s been prepared to move to Napoli in the past, and therefore an insinuation that he could in the future.

Experienced journalist Claudio Vigorelli is covered by AreaNapoli, and it’s stated the idea of a move to Napoli ‘did not displease’ Zaniolo or his family.

The player’s family are often featured in the Italian media and believed to have a big say on his career.

Regardless of all of that, it’s Aston Villa who hold the power for now, even if the Italian media are keen on another drama.