Whenever English fans travel abroad to watch football games, authorities tend to be on high alert.

It’s nothing personal, it’s just precautionary because the idea of ‘hooligans’ is still a thing abroad, and Leeds United’s friendly against Cagliari on Saturday will be no different.

Despite it being a pre-season game, Centotrentuno report the local authorities will treat it like a normal league fixture, meaning the usual restrictions surrounding the stadium will be applied.

With over 120 tickets bought online by Leeds fans, and over 200 expected to turn up for the game, it’s explained shops and bars around the ground will not serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in cans or glass bottles two hours before and up to two hours after the match.

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Furthermore ‘all commercial activities’ from Via Pessagno, Ponte Colombo and Ponte Vittorio are affected, as well as from Viale San Bartolomeo to Via S.Ferrara.

As for what happens in the Marina district, where many of the Leeds United fans ‘will gather to revel in the afternoon’ before the game, that has yet to be decided.

Back to football, Rolando Maran, Cagliari’s manager, told Unione Sarda he is expecting his squad to ‘struggle’ against Marcelo Bielsa’s side, as the Championship club have a few more pre-season games under their belt.