ABC Sevilla report that Betis expect to be able to announce the signing of Tony Sanabria over the next few days.

Betis have reached a verbal agreement with both the player and his current club AS Roma. The only thing missing right now is the actual signatures.

ABC say that Tottenham interfered in the deal, by making a ‘superior proposal’ to Roma, but the will of the player was key and he insisted he wanted to join Betis.

The fee is stated as being just €6m, with bonuses added to that dependent on performance. However, even if those bonuses are met it will only raise the cost to €7.5m. That’s far less than some of the claims from the Italian and Spanish media previously.

We’ve repeatedly pointed out our doubt over Tottenham interest, because the use of the club seemed remarkably similar to the use of Arsenal’s name when Sanabria left Barcelona for Italy.

With this being a Sanabria rumour there’s the chance the verbal agreement is reneged upon and the whole circle starts again, with Tottenham dragged back into it, but for now it may be safe to think this one is finally going away.