Tottenham Hotspur are all over the Spanish sport media on Tuesday, and that’s because the club face Barcelona this evening.

Much of the Spanish reporting has revolved around Barca needing to approach the match with pride and integrity, not wanting to lose their long standing Camp Nou unbeaten Champions League run.

Otherwise, the game doesn’t mean a great deal to the home side, as they’ve already won the group and will progress to the next round as such.

Mauricio Pochettino and the idea that he’s ‘anti-Barca’ is also getting coverage. Marca go with a headline saying: ‘El entrenador más anti-culé’

That means the coach who is most against Barcelona.

Previous comments from the Spurs manager are brought up: “I would never coach Barcelona, ​​before that I would return to my farm in Argentina. I’m very attached to Espanyol, I’m a big fan of Espanyol, and I think that with this I do not have to say anything else. I am faithful to my heart and my emotions.”

Marca add that for Pochettino to take the job would be to ‘betray himself, his family, and children’ who feel the same passion for Espanyol.

Added to that, is what the Spanish newspaper say is his ‘admiration for Real Madrid’ and the ‘doors are not closed at all’ for a move there one day. For Barcelona, they’re ‘very closed’.