Mauricio Pochettino has spoken to his home country’s media this week. Interviewed by Como Te Va show, he was mainly asked about being nominated for FIFA’s The Best award.

“I take it with great pride. When you start a career as a footballer or as a manager you think day by day, but things like these stop you in time and make you think about the effort you make,” the Tottenham manager told Como Te Va (via Olé’s website).

Pochettino was quizzed about the latest Superclasico between Boca Juniors and River Plate, which ended in a 0-0 draw, and it turns out he had a funny answer about the game.

“I had a lot of expectation and the truth is that afterwards I fell asleep. It wasn’t a pleasant football show, I was left with a bitter taste but I also understand that the pressure is enormous on both teams.”

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The manager has also spoken about the arrival of Giovani Lo Celso at Tottenham, explaining he made some background checks before signing the player.

“He is an incredible boy, I had talked with Kily González about him because he had him at Central’s reserves. He’s a great footballer, he only needs time to adapt.”

Since Pochettino has played for Newell’s Old Boys and Lo Celso is a former Rosario Central player, they are both looking forward to the city derby which is being played in ten days.

“The rivalry is to death, we are both very competitive. Surely we are going to bet something.”

Inevitably, the Spurs boss was also asked about the chances of managing the Argentine national team in the future, and admitted this is one of his career goals.

“Managing the national team comes into my dreams to be fulfilled and I have a great mental strength to fulfil my dreams in reality.”