ESPN Brasil released this Monday a nice story with Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino, who’s now starting his fifth season in charge of the club.

The Argentine boss has spoken about all the process of bringing Spurs to a new level, and claimed that after the consolidation, the challenge of fighting for titles brings a new kind of pressure.

“People do not realize all that is going on at this club for five years. There was a five year period which was a huge challenge. Also what is coming now is a challenge, because once the stadium or the sports city are over, we are also thrilled to win and lift titles”, Mauricio Pochettino told ESPN Brasil.

“We’re close, we went against all odds, because nobody took us like a real team that was going to fight for great things, great competitions. But we have reached that level and the challenge is to keep it.”

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On doing what he’s been doing with no big signings in the past few summers, Pochettino agrees it’s a great job, but shows the disappointment for not winning any silverware.

“Yes, but there is also frustration. The disappointment of not winning, I think with a little more, we could have won.”

Tottenham star Dele Alli also had a say on the boss, saying he’s changed the club’s level: “When I was growing up, Tottenham was always seen as a sixth or seventh place team. Wouldn’t get to the Champions League very much, and since the gaffer has come in, I think he changed the mentality of the club, and the way the people looked at us as well. “

Pochettino has also spoken about all his belief in managing the good and bad energy which surrounds the club. And to finish the interview, reporter João Castelo Branco asked if the lemons are still on his table for the next season.

“The lemons are there to absorb the bad energies so that won’t affect the people who are with us. The lemons are fine, yes, every two days we have to change them, they get wilted. They’re working well, doing their job.”