Following, Tottenham Hotspur’s 5-0 win over Bournemouth on Boxing Day, winger Lucas Moura has spoken to the Brazilian press about the club’s current form.

Interviewed by reporter ESPN Brasil reporter João Castelo Branco, the player was immediately asked if he was aware that Manchester City lost to Leicester City.

“I saw there during game when the scoreboard announced, the fans buzzed with the result of Manchester City’s game. But most importantly I think it was another great match for our team”, Lucas told ESPN Brasil.

“A consistent, solid match, and I’m very happy to be participating, to be helping the team. And I think that’s the way. I think if we keep this will, we have everything to go far this season.”

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The player talked about how impressive it was to surpass Manchester City in the Premier League table before the end of the year, as it sounded like an impossible task a few months ago.

“We knew it would be difficult. Man City made a huge investment in the last window, and are always favourites to win the title. But we know that the Premier League is very complicated, the league is very long, the intensity is very high.”

“And I have always believed in our team, we have to have that mentality that we can get there, because we are also very strong, have great players, a great squad. And I think that’s it, step by step we are coming, but of course there is still a lot of games. But like I said, if we keep this form, I think we can go far.

Lucas also talked about the Christmas period in the Premier League, as he was used to take breaks during this time of the year in the other leagues he played in.

“It’s true. Then we play on the 1st, spending New Year’s Eve concentrated. It’s a new experience for me, here the league does not stop. And not only that, the intensity, as I say, of the league here, is very high.”

“So we can play on Christmas, in the new year without stopping with this intensity, we really have to be well prepared, we have to take care of the physical part, the food, and make everything right, so we can handle this bump.”

“But it’s been a fantastic experience for me to be able to play here in the Premier League, at a great club, and the most important thing is to be happy with the family, with the club, and feel at peace. That’s the most important.”