This week, Juventus president Andrea Agnelli has spoken to Financial Times about the great moment the club has been living.

In a chat which was obviously focused on finances, the executive has detailed the club’s work of signing Cristiano Ronaldo and talked about the plans the Old Lady have for the future.

Now there’s one specific quote which made quite some noise in the Italian press, which was: “We have to be in a position to be able to clinch the next Cristiano, but at the age of 25.”

We can just imagine how Tuttosport’s newsroom celebrated those words. That should be enough for an entire season of transfer rumours, and they’ve already started.

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In a story this Tuesday, the newspaper lists some of the players who Juve could be getting below that age. And there’s Harry Kane.

The Tottenham Hotspur striker has never been much linked to the Old Lady, but what they do now is to simply name the world’s great young stars.

Tuttosport writes that it sounds impossible to sign the likes of Kane and Mbappe, but they recall that Cristiano Ronaldo was also considered to be unlikely earlier this year. That’s why they can dream.