Tottenham Hotspur fans should remain calm: Dele Alli does not have any intention to leave soon. At least that’s what he said in an interview with ESPN Brasil this week.

Speaking to reporter Natalie Gedra, the Spurs star claimed that recent success doesn’t make him think about moving to other sides such as Real Madrid.

“You know, you’ll aways hear rumours, as there are always rumours floating around, but I think, for me, I’m happy here,” Alli told ESPN Brasil. “I’m happy with the way things are going”.

“And I’ve just got to keep improving as a player, and, when things stop improving and I stop developing, then I’ll need to think about things. Start thinking about what I need to do to keep improving and become the best player I can. Because for me, the main thing is to be come the best player I possibly can.”

When speaking of his happy demeanour on social media, the Tottenham star explained that’s simply a reflection of his life.

“There’s nothing to be unhappy about here. I’m doing the thing I love everyday. I’m with great friends and some great people as well.”

Last Summer, Dele Alli signed a contract extension with Tottenham Hotspur which runs until 2022, but it’s not put an end to rumours, which almost always come from the English media.